Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about reservations

If I book directly on your site or by phone will I really get the best available rate?

  • Yes , of course! Direct sales, without American intermediaries, is always better!! Compare...

Why do you ask for a credit card number to block the reservation?

  • G race to that, we make sure that reservations are not fanciful and that we will be well able to cover cancellation conditions or damages

With all that we say about credit card fraud I don't trust and I don't want to give you my number...

  • - If you book by phone, you have to remember that it is YOU who is contacting a store that has a "storefront", a telephone number, a trade register number, etc... On the other hand, by refusing to give us your credit card number, we implicitly ask us to trust... a voice at the end of the handset?? Would you do it yourself?
    Know that the information that we ask for, you leave them, without any problem, with your supermarket cashier, your hairdresser, your restaurateur or your gas station attendant since they are written on the ticket kept by the merchant. SO...
    - If you make your reservation via our website http://www.hô, you will find yourself on a secure server.

How do you guarantee the reservation with a credit card number?

  • As with car rental companies by pre-authorizing your card. In other words, we "test" an amount with your bank. This allows us to check the validity of the card, its supply and thus guarantee us the room.
    This test may "freak out" your bank's robot which will then send you, indiscriminately, an automatic SMS alert telling you that the amount "X" has been debited from your account. Be aware that this is strictly not the case and that in no case the amount tested should be considered as a partial payment, a pre-payment or otherwise.The entire stay, as well as the tourist tax, will be payable on site as indicated in the conditions of sale.

If I book on your site or by phone will I have written confirmation?

  • In both cases, you will systematically receive a written confirmation by e-mail summarizing the details of your stay and the conditions of sale.

If I want to cancel my reservation will I be charged?

  • A cancellation is free of charge if it occurs within 3 days of the check-in date (48 hours effective)
    For example, you were to arrive at the hotel on January 10, cancellation is possible until midnight January 7.
    This possibility of canceling up to D-3 is a commercial gesture on our part because article 121-20-4 of the consumer code does not provide for the possibility of retracting in accommodation.
    To avoid any disputes, we only accept cancellations by e-mail
    In the event of cancellation for a serious event (death, illness, accident, etc.))we remind you that the insurance, included with your credit card, generally covers cancellation costs.

Hotel Questions

Are the rooms equipped with sanitary facilities?

  • Yes yes. All our rooms are equipped with a small bathroom with a shower, sink, toilet, hair dryer

Is the wifi free and accessible in the rooms or only at the reception?

  • Yes , wifi is available for free in all rooms

Does the hotel have an elevator?

  • No , unfortunately. On the other hand, we can install you on the first floor or on the ground floor on simple request.

Do you have Canal+? What size are your TV screens?

  • Not only do we have Canal+ but also Canal+Sport, Canal+Ciné and Ciné+Frisson. We have opted for 60cm diagonal LED technology screens!

Why do you ask that we order breakfast the night before?

  • Simplement in order to maintain a reasonable price.
    Despite the rise in the price of wheat passed on by the bakers, despite the rise in VAT from 5.5% to 7% then 10%, we have not increased the price of our breakfast. So help us to maintain a correct price thanks to this "little" constraint.

Wifi does not work, a bulb has blown what should I do?

  • Do not be like some customers who wait to be hidden behind their computer to complain about it on the Internet. While reporting it, the simplest way, we are able to solve the problem in a minimum of time. Why deprive yourself of it and remain dissatisfied?

Does the hotel have private parking?

  • No , we weren't so lucky, but there is a public car park at 36-38 rue Friant, a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

Why do I always have to leave my room key at reception?

  • For many reasons:
    - A fire breaks out:do we have to risk our life or that of a fireman to check whether or not you are present in the room?
    - A key that duplicates itself in 3 minutes, would you appreciate that a dishonest guest, present at the same time as you in the hotel, may have kept a duplicate key to your room during a previous visit?
    - A person entering the hotel, taking no key at the reception but who nevertheless goes upstairs, has, a priori, nothing to do in the hotel. This person will therefore be recalled to our good memories for identification.
    - In case of loss or non-return, there will be billing.

Is the hotel located in a quiet environment?

  • Y es, rue Beaunier is a small street set back from the noisy avenues of Porte d'Orléans. We even have customers who were surprised to be able to sleep with the window open on the street side.

What are the Check-in or Check-out times? Do you have luggage storage?

  • Always too late for those arriving and always too early for those leaving!
    Maximum check-out is at 11 a.m. and check-in at 1 p.m. These times are important for us because we need this time to prepare the rooms, check them and do any maintenance.
    Following abuse, we reserve the right to charge an additional night for non-compliance with check-out times.
    We limit check-ins to 11 p.m.
    On the other hand, we will be happy to keep your luggage, outside these hours, for free...

Are the rooms equipped with a mini-bar, a courtesy tray?

  • No , our rooms do not have this equipment. Moreover, the management of such equipment would inevitably lead to an additional cost in the price of the room...

Can we smoke in the rooms?

  • Holes in the bedspreads, carpets, risk of fire, smell still present several days later, refusal of the room by the next guest led us to make the hotel completely NON-SMOKING.
    Non-compliance with the smoking ban will result in an additional billing of €100 MINIMUM corresponding to the complete cleaning of the room (curtains, carpet, etc.) possibly increased by the cost of "setting aside" the room for ventilation. , refusal of the room by the next client, bailiff fees if necessary...
    You will have noticed that we are not kidding with this

What about security in your hotel?

  • - A video surveillance device is in place within the hotel.
    - Our hotel complies with the new fire safety standards.

From the hotel how far are we from:

From the Porte de Versailles exhibition center or the Sports Palace?

  • From Porte d'Orléans, the T3 tramway will drop you off in 10 minutes and without change at the foot of the exhibition center or the sports hall if you are going to see a concert!

From the international university city?

  • ATwalk, it will take you about 12 minutes to reach the university campus. You also have the tram solution which drops you off in 2 stations

From the mutual institute Montsouris?

  • R e Beaunier leads to the back of the Montsouris mutualist institute. On foot, you are there in less than 10 minutes!

From Parc Montsouris?

  • R e Beaunier being an extension of avenue Reille, the Park is accessible on foot in less than ten minutes and in a straight line.

From Cabanis Street or Sainte-Anne Hospital?

  • W e often have customers who walk there in 15-20 minutes.

From Gare Montparnasse, East or North?

  • These three stations are on the same metro line as the hotel. Gare Montparnasse can be reached in 15 minutes by bus or metro, Gare de l'Est and Gare du Nord in 35 minutes and 40 minutes respectively

Charlety stadium? From the departure of the Orly Bus?

  • Talways take the T3 tramway and you are there in 3 stations, less than ten minutes!

From the Porte Chatillon Judo Institute?

  • And once again the T3 Tramway and you are there in 2 stations, less than ten minutes!

From France Television - Georges Pompidou Hospital?

  • Tramway T3 and you are there in about 15 minutes